500W 60V Brushless DC Motor Controller

500W 72V Brushless DC Motor Controller

Working Voltage: 60V
Mosfets: 12
Under Voltage Protection: 52±1V
Speed Range: 0-100%
Working Efficiency: ≥85±1%
Max Current: 30A
Rated Power Consumption: <3W
L*W*H: 150*81*40mm
Net Weight: 0.60kg
Warranty Time: 12 months
Back Up Function
Instrument Function
Speed Limiting
Anti-theft Alarm Funtion
Electricity Lock
LCD display
Cruise Function
1:1 Pedal Assist Function
Self-adaptive Function
Speed Shifting Function
Self-checking Protection
Under Voltage Protection
Over-current Protection
Blockage Protection
Runaway Protection

High performance 16-bit single chip to increase response time
Battery status feedback, protect battery and prolong endurance mileage
Key components protection, increase the controllers stability
Anti-electromagnetic interference technology application, improve the overall performance of the electric vehicle
Die-cast aluminum case, durable, heat eliminable
Mute at motor start, small vibration, long lifetime
Soft start: soft and smooth acceleration during startup, super low noise


Used for electric bicycle and scooter