Gi Bike: The Light, Safe, Folding, Smart eBike

Gi Bike

Created by Agustin Agustinoy, Eric Sevillia, and Lucas Toledo, the Gi-Bike is a foldable electric bike aimed at creating simple, portable, and inexpensive public transportation for big cities.


Running 40+ miles on a LiFePo4 battery without recharging, and weighing under 37.4 lbs, the Gi is a true feather in the city.


An integrated anti-theft lock, smart rear and frontal wheel LEDs that turn on gaining bike visibility in darker hours makes the Gi the safest ride in town.


FIt only takes 1 second and one motion to fold. After folding, it is easy to carry, like a wheeled-luggage, you just grab the handles and go.


Smartphone integration, GPS, social networking, a full control of Gi’s features and an integrated USB port connects you to your city like no other.

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