How to Keep Your Electric Bicycle Safe and Secure

In the UK a bicycle is stolen on average every minute with less than 5% of those returned as they’re difficult for the Police to identify the owner. And a current research suggests that cyclists are more likely to have their bicycles stolen than motorcyclists their motorcycle or car owners their cars these days! It’s time to do something to against these unscrupulous thieves and protect your bicycle.

Here are some tips to help keep your bicycle safe and secure.

First, you need to choose a safe place to park. It could be better to park your bicycle in a public place. Thieves are less likely to try to steal your bike in a public place. It is harder for them to break the lock when there are a bunch of people around. And remember that never try to leave your electric bike locked up somewhere overnight.

Secondly, lock your electric bicycle to a secure thing such as a tree or street sign or street light. But make sure your bike can’t be lifted over the tree, sign or light.

Thirdly, always lock your bike at home even when it is in your garage, flat or halls of residence since more and more bicycles are stolen from the owner’s home. And make sure you keep your bicycle out of view of prying eyes since thieves will spend time scoping out a neighborhood before they make their move.

Fourthly, register your electric bicycle. Before registering your bicycle on Immobilise take a photograph and along with this record the frame number and any key details such as make and model. Mark your frame with your postcode in two separate locations if possible, one of which should be hidden. Collectively this information stored on your Immobilise account will be crucial in recovering your bicycle.

Last but not least, get an electric bike insurance. If you own a decent bicycle then it is probably a good idea to insure it.

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