Lantronix Launches The First Wi-Fi Device For eBikes Called xPico

Elmoto eBike

Lantronix, a leading global provider of smart IoT connectivity solutions, has demonstrated its xPico Wi-Fi module in a concept design for an electric bicycle at Embedded World 2014 in Nuremberg.

The xPico Wi-Fi device, which measures just 24mm x 16.5mm, is a step further in the design of the new generation electric vehicles. The wireless transfer of data includes charging status, battery life and use, gearbox data, drive-by-wire behaviour, GSM and GPS tracking for route optimisation.

“eBikes are very rapidly gaining popularity in Europe and Asia, with China leading the way, already boasting more than 28 million eBikes in use today,” said Mr. Björn Bergfelder, head of engineering and ELMOTO eBike development at ID Bike GmbH.

“Electric bicycles are just one of many alternatives being adopted worldwide, and working with M2M companies such as Lantronix are enabling us to develop and more quickly bring to market more intelligent, efficient, wirelessly-connected eBikes,” said Bergfelder at Embedded World 2014.

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