Meet Suncycle – Your New Solar Electric Cargo Bike

suncycle electric bike

NTS Works is back with a new offering, known as the SunCycle, which combines solar and pedal power to propel it forward. It will go on sale for around $4100 in April.

The NTS SunCycle is a cargo bike with a powerful solar panel which integrated into the “aerodynamic” cargo hold. The solar power that is harvested during an eight hour recharge will be stored in an onboard battery.

The battery comes with a special lifetime warranty under which it “can be rebuilt and upgraded with the latest battery technology for half the cost of a new battery.”

The electric bike’s hub motor can offer pedal assistance for about range of up to 25 miles before the battery is dead. The level of motor assistance available is adjustable from the display panel.

Riding an electric cargo bike looks like a clunky experience, NTS said it has worked around this issue through a unique steering system. The patent-pending steering mechanism, handling and maneuverability in tight urban environments.

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