New Velogical Velospeeder Rear Rim Bicycle Motor System Unveiled

Velogical Velospeeder

Friction drives provide a lighter, simpler option for transforming a regular bicycle into an e-bike. This month Velogical has unveiled their latest Velogical Velospeeder friction drive which is now even smaller and lighter than the previous prototypes.

The Velogical compact e-drive solution weighs under 4lb and can be easily fitted to any bicycle allowing the rider to quickly switch between extra propulsion on those hard climbs or when their legs are becoming tired.

The Velogical Velospeeder is equipped with a 92-Wh lithium-polymer battery that is capable of providing up to 12 miles or 20 km of pedal power and the battery is small enough for cyclists to carry extra spares if required to help them through those longer journeys.

Velogical plans to offer their kit to bicycle manufactures and bike shops for retrofitting. Currently they have no plans to sell directly to the public.

Source: Velogical

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