Oto Cycles Unleashes The Electric Bicycle Designed To Look Like A Retro Motorbike

Oto Cycles

The Spanish firm Oto Cycles has unleashed two latest electric bicycles that are designed to look like a 1950s motorcycle. The OtoK and OtoR cycles weigh between 23 and 25kg, and everything from their color to saddle can be customized.

Both bikes are made from steel and are fitted with saddle seats. They are each custom built, and the firm boasts ‘no two are alike’. The seat and tires can also be chosen to suit, and include classic British leather Brooks versions.

They also feature LCD displays with cycle computers and 250W electric motors, and can reach speeds of 36mph without using a drop of petrol.

They can run for around 24 to 40 miles (40 to 65km) on a full charge depending on the terrain. They also have a chain and pedals like a normal bike, and pedalling can be used to charge the motor.

The OtoR can also be upgraded with more powerful motors – 500W for speeds up to 26mph, 750W for speeds up to 34mph.

Source: Oto Cycles

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