Meet Riide – An Innovative Electric Bike that is Lighter and Faster

Riide which was founded by Jeff Stefanis and Amber Wason just hit the electric bike scene with a big splash on Kickstarter with a lighter and faster e-bike.

Their product is a lightweight, battery-powered electric bike that weighs in at only 35lbs. It can be peddled like a regular bike or revved up with a twist of the throttle to cruise along at 20mph.

There are a variety of key features we will break down for you to showcase this innovation.
Riide Electric Bike

  • Move around at 20 mph without pedaling
  • Lithium ion battery has a 25 mile range
  • 40% lighter than other electric bikes
  • Invisible battery and controller
  • Top-of-the-line electronics system
  • High quality 160 mm disc brakes
  • Regenerative braking like a Tesla
  • Take only 2-3 hours to fully charge
  • Plugged into any standard wall outlet
  • Assembled in the USA


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