Tesco Plugs Into The Electric Bike Market


Tesco, the goliath of retail, is now upping its cycling offering to buyers with launching Hopper Electric Bikes, available exclusively through the retailer.

With the code “more speed, less sweat”, the price is ranged from £380 to £500 and the e-bike range is available online through Tesco.

The range includes the Hopper City Electric Bike (£380). An 11″ steel frame with a 24V 5ah battery and a low-step. It offers up to 15 miles of assisted travel, is single speed gear and a battery that can be recharged in three hours.

The Hopper City SE Electric Bike (£400) offers a Shimano six-speed gear system with micro shifter.

The Hopper Shopper Folding Electric Bike (£420) has three levels of assistance, a 25 mile range and LED display.

The Hopper Shopper SE Folding Electric Bike (£440) has a low step frame and 20″ wheels with 25 miles of pedal assisted travel at up to 15mph.

The Hopper Urban Folding Electric Bike (£490) allows up to 25 miles of travel at 15mph, with three levels of assistance and an LED display.

Finally, the Hopper Urban SE Folding Electric Bike is priced at £500.

The retailer said that if you are searching for a bike for transforming or for the fresh air and getting some exercise, the Hopper will be a good choice and you can get it at your convenience on Tesco.

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