Walking Bicycle Club Debuts New Three-Wheel Motorized Walking Bicycle

Walking Bicycle Club is a new brand of electric bicycle that is looking to change the way we get around with a revolutionary redesign of the bicycle called the walking bicycle.

It is a bicycle (or tricycle rather) that you move by pumping your legs straight up and down in a movement kind of like walking. It also has an electric motor which assists when going up hills.

It can reaches speeds of up to 15mph (24km/h). The built-in power assist electric motor on a single charge should be able to go up to 12 miles (20km) on an average road surface.

The Walking Bicycle is 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) long and weighs 36.3kg (80 lbs). It comes in several color variations: Brilliant Red, Moegi Green, Champagne Gold or Sakura Pink.

Source: Walking Bicycle Club

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